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Mr. Eric Obila handing our the Vocational Service Award for the year 2023/24 to Mr. Mr. Dauda Kavuma, the esteemed founder of Ghetto Kids

We were honored to have our Managing Director, Mr. Eric Obila , as the Chief Guest at the recent Rotary Club of Kiwatule fellowship as they awarded their Vocational Service Award for the year 2023/24. This prestigious event celebrates individuals and organizations embodying the spirit of “Service Above Self.

Some of the Senior Staff Members of CIC Insurance in attendance

Mr. Dauda Kavuma, founder of the Ghetto Kids, received the Vocational Service Award for 2023/24 and a well-deserved 3 million UGX cheque, recognizing his incredible work empowering youth. We, at CIC Insurance, were proud to match that cheque with an additional 5 million UGX, amplifying his impact!

Another shining moment was the recognition of Mr. Lubega John, a driver at Hardware World. His courage and selflessness during a flood incident at Namboole, where he saved stranded passengers in a taxi, earned him a Vocational Service Award along with a cheque of 500,000. Once again, CIC Insurance echoed the appreciation by matching the cheque amount, acknowledging the importance of such heroic acts in our community.

Mr. Eric Obila, MD CIC Africa Uganda Ltd handing over a Cheque of Ugx 500,000 to Mr. Lubega John

In his powerful address, emphasized the shared values between CIC Insurance and the Rotary Club of Kiwatule. Drawing parallels between the core value of Rotary, “Service Above Self,” and CIC’s principles of Integrity, Dynamism, Performance, and Cooperation. 

“Just as Rotary measures its success by the impact it makes, we at CIC are driven by results that create a positive impact in society. In the last three years for instance, we have paid back to our clients a total of Ugx 30Billion helping them restore their businesses having suffered losses that would otherwise have rendered their personal lives or businesses in an unbearable financial situation. It is equally noteworthy that 35% of all the compensation goes to benefit individuals at the lowest end of the economic scale.”

Mr. Eric Obila speaking to the Rotarians of  Rotary of Kiwatule

In a groundbreaking announcement, Mr. Obila revealed CIC Insurance’s intention to partner with the Rotary Club of Kiwatule, focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. This strategic collaboration aims to address climate change and promote sustainability. The partnership aligns seamlessly with the ethos of “Service Above Self,” fostering a commitment to protecting the planet for future generations.

Some of the guests at the Rotary Club of Kiwatule fellowship as they awarded their Vocational Service Award for the year 2023/24

In his closing words, Mr. Obila quoted Archbishop Desmond Tutu and St. Mother Teresa, emphasizing the collective power of small acts of kindness. He urged everyone to be defined not by individual achievements but by the positive impact made on the lives of others.

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