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Why Livestock Insurance

Farming as a career means that your life depends on the safety and well-being of your livestock or crops. Imagine waking up one day to find all your livestock stolen or dead and without any other means of income.

With this is mind we came up with this cover to help farmers in time of livestock death, theft or terminal disease where they get compensation. This serves as collateral to obtain credit from financial institutions enabling farmers to carry out their business without fear of loss in the event of a disaster.

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  • Dairy, beef and breeding stock from 3 months up to 8 years of age
  • Bulls from 3 months up to 8 years of ageIts key benefits include;
  • Premiums are paid once in a year.
  • The higher the number of animals, the better the rate.

Well ran farms will attract better rates.

Why Crop Insurance

Food security is an important part of our national growth and farmers are the core of this life saving task. 

This is a policy used by farmers to protect themselves against either loss of crops revenue due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters such as drought, floods, fire, excessive rainfall, windstorms, snow damage, hail damage, new strains of disease and uncontrollable pests.

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