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Why Fire and Allied Perils

This covers property owned, rented, and held in trust by you against loss or damage caused by fire and allied perils like;

  1. Fire
  2. Lightning
  3. Explosion

Additional perils extension include:

      1. Earthquake, volcanic eruption and Subterranean fire, bush fire.
      2. Storm, wind, water hail or snow.
      3. Aircraft, other aerial devices or articles dropped there from.
      4. Impact by animals, train, trees or vehicles (Third party vehicles) excluding damage to such vehicles.
      5. Leakage or discharge from fire extinguishing installations/appliance like Sprinkler System
      6. Subsidence and Landslip.
      7. Riot, strike, Civil Commotion and malicious damage.
      8. Spontaneous combustion, fermentation, self-heating
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