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We help you find the right balance of lifestyle now, and a financial security later.

Why Smart Saver

A penny saved is a penny earned that together with a tax free policy will ensure that you have money secured for future use. Individuals get to save over a selected period of time to meet any financial needs such as getting a home, going for a holiday or even buying a car.

With this policy you enjoy benefits such as:

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  • A non-taxable free investment
  • Constant premiums throughout the term allowing you to budget better
  • Money is saved for purpose intended.
  • It ensures that the benefits are guaranteed from the outset (The benefits are payable at the end of the policy term the policy)
  • A final lump sum at end of the term: 100% of sum assured inclusive of revisionary and terminal bonuses.
  • You enjoy a life cover with various optional benefits as you may choose

Why Invest Plan

We all save towards our future and what better way is there than knowing you can access money in installments in the future if need be?

In the case where policy holders aged between 18 and 60 years have been active for over 3 years and are need of a loan, they can obtain it against the policy at 85% of the surrender value. Optional benefits in the case of disability, critical illness, accidents, and funeral expenses are available.

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Why Academia

We save for our future, families, dreams or for that rainy day.. Safeguard your child’s future by saving funds with this policy with flexible payment plans over a period of time.

In the event of your unexpected death or disability their future education is guaranteed at whatever stage. The flexibility in the payment plans gives one the opportunity for adjustment in case there are changes in your financial life.

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Why Loan Guard

In case of death or permanent disability, it is direct dependents that carry the most grief and adding financial obligations to them would mean more disaster. Why put unnecessary pressure upon your loved ones lives when you’re gone? Instead of leaving them with bills and debts to pay have them in mind and get the CIC Load Guard which will ensure all loan balances are fully paid.

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